TechSoup Africa is a regional hub of the TechSoup Global Network. The four network members that form TechSoup Africa and serve the region are local capacity-building organizations that have won awards for their accomplishments. Together, we help nonprofits in 56 African countries and territories get the resources they need to build their organizational capacity and their technology expertise. We combine the local knowledge of TechSoup Africa members with the capacity of the global network to successfully collaborate with corporations and funders worldwide.

What We Do

TechSoup Africa has supported more than 6,500 nonprofits and charities in 56 African countries and territories with mission-critical resources, knowledge, and connections. We also help foundations and corporations optimize their philanthropic programs and increase their social impact. Our community includes nonprofits, charities, foundations, corporations, governments, social entrepreneurs, and volunteers.

We are a regional base of the TechSoup Global Network, which comprises more 70 capacity-building organizations around the world. These network members collaborate to improve lives globally through the use of technology. They manage a range of capacity-building programs that focus on technology to serve communities in nearly every region of the world. Globally, the network has reached over 1.2 million organizations and delivered more than US$13.5 billion in technology tools and philanthropic services.

Members of TechSoup Africa

Kenya Community Development Foundation

Established in 1997, the Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF) supports local community development initiatives through grants and capacity building programs. KCDF invests significant resources to build, strengthen, and sustain the core capacities of the communities they serve. They develop thoughtful, long-term collaborations with governments, nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to achieve social justice. For more information, visit the KCDF website.

Phambano Technology Development Centre

Phambano Technology Development Centre NPC (PTDC) aims to be the go-to solution for technology capacity building in civil society organizations across Southern Africa. Its range of services increase the skills and capacity of organizations, empowering them to reach more beneficiaries at a local and global level. Learn more at PTDC.

The West Africa Civil Society Institute

The West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI) was established to reinforce the capacity of civil society in the West African sub-region. This work is performed through a three-part intervention strategy: capacity development, knowledge management, and policy influencing and advocacy. WACSI works with civil society organizations, actors, and relevant development partners from both public and private sectors. Its collaborative work bridges the gap between all sectors to make civil society a viable and valuable partner in the development of the region. For more information, please visit WACSI.

Professional Development Foundation

The Professional Development Foundation (PDF) was founded in 1998 to strengthen Egypt’s bold strategy for sustainable economic growth. It strives to create a technology-oriented and skilled workforce to meet the needs of the new century. PDF’s vision is to become a beacon of empowerment and sustainability for both youth and civil society. Learn more at PDF.

The Power of the Network

The TechSoup Global Network delivers impact at scale. In the last 30 years, it has reached 1.2 million nonprofits throughout the world.

Our group of 70 capacity-building organizations with our shared mission has worked with more than 100 corporate and foundation partners. We have provided US$47.8 million worth of technology donations to African nonprofits and more than US$13.5 billion in technology tools and philanthropic services to nonprofits worldwide.

We benefit from our TechSoup Africa members’ local expertise. Likewise, our members benefit from the network’s worldwide exchange of ideas, shared business practices and technology platforms, and cross-border collaborations. We strive to learn from each other and work together on projects to better serve communities in Africa and around the world.

TechSoup Global Network and TechSoup

TechSoup is a nonprofit social enterprise that is the founding member and leader of the TechSoup Global Network. TechSoup’s mission is to build a dynamic bridge that enables civil society organizations and changemakers around the world to gain effective access to the resources they need to design and implement technology solutions for a more equitable planet.

Media Resources and News

TechSoup Africa supports nonprofits with mission-critical resources for social change. Download a brief overview of TechSoup Africa.

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