Capacity Building

Our capacity building efforts support programs that provide mission-critical resources to organizations so that they can amplify their social impact. We focus on technology initiatives such as e-learning, workshops, and webinars that provide tools for growth to civil society leaders on the ground.

Some initiatives that we support include the following:

Since August 2018, TechSoup Kenya offers TechSoup Courses, a social learning platform that provides NGOs with just-in-time, solutions-based training. It complements a program of online and classroom courses that our partner KCDF has been offering to the community for more than three years. Launched first in the U.S., the TechSoup Courses program offers on-demand courses and seminars on critical capacity-building topics such as tech planning, Facebook advertising, Google analytics, branding for nonprofits, design, email marketing, Microsoft Cloud, digital storytelling, web design best practices, fundraising, and digital security.

The YETU Initiative uses a combination of online and in-class training sessions to reduce the costs of attendance and improve outcomes. So far, 220 learners have trained for approximately 2,700 hours. The following courses were offered for this training: Effective Presentation, Storytelling, Resource Mobilization, Proposal Development, and Communication and Marketing.

Nonprofit Validation

Hundreds of grantmakers, governments, and businesses rely on TechSoup to ensure that their mission-critical resources are provided to legitimate nonprofits. Our global database includes information on more than 1 million nonprofits. We verify nonprofits based on rigorous standards that we’ve developed over the past two decades of our work. Our validation process verifies both that nonprofits are valid organizations in their countries and that they meet the criteria for eligibility that our customers have specified.

Our validation services can facilitate several types of giving. Examples include donations or discounts of products and services, volunteer or pro bono work, matching gift programs, or international grants. With TechSoup, connecting with legally recognized nonprofits is easy.

To date, TechSoup’s NGOsource program has validated 365 African nonprofits and has facilitated an estimated US$209 million in funding from U.S. grantmakers to these organizations.

Localized Program for Technology Philanthropy

We partner with industry leaders to offer donations or discounts for software, cloud solutions, and hardware to nonprofits around the world. Localized for 56 African countries and territories, our technology philanthropy program leverages our Validation Services to connect nonprofits in the region with products from partners such as Microsoft, Bitdefender, Autodesk, and

Through this program, organizations in almost every region of the world receive access to the latest technology to improve their impact, scalability, and sustainability. So far, US$47.8 million worth of technology donations have been distributed to African nonprofits.

Find the local program in your country.

CSR Support

TechSoup Africa collaborates with corporations to create, curate, and scale projects and solutions across many communities in the region. We leverage our local connections, relevant expertise, and global platforms to develop meaningful CSR solutions that can be scaled not just in one country, but across Africa or even the world.

Community Building and Support

Since 2009, TechSoup Connect has held free in-person and virtual events that connect people working for social impact with technologists. In addition, organizations can find local volunteers and build relationships with other local nonprofits or companies that want to make a difference. See the current Africa TechSoup Connect chapters of volunteer-led #Tech4Good events.

Events to Strengthen Civil Society

Over the years, we have hosted a variety of events for nonprofits across the continent that focus on education, best practices in technology, and community connection.

With funding from Microsoft, the TechSoup Africa members have organized 15 Tech4Good events in 7 countries to provide relevant content to approximately 700 nonprofits and their communities.

Success Stories

Learn how TechSoup’s NGOsource program helped HIVOS access U.S.-based funding to serve Africa.

Read how Pathfinder International used TechSoup product philanthropy to keep its electronic medical record system operating at its optimum.